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$1.5M Upgrade for Werribee Outdoor Pool

Werribee outdoor pool1

The 50-metre heated lap and leisure pools have both undergone significant improvement works to enhance usability and customer experience for the 60,000 Werribee Outdoor Pool visitors that attend the facility over a typical summer period.

Active City portfolio holder Cr Peter Maynard said: “The pool was last upgraded and redeveloped in 2007 and is loved and used by so many Wyndham residents.”

“Our City has changed and grown significantly since then, so it is great to see the much-loved Werribee Outdoor Pool getting a major upgrade for our growing community to enjoy.”

In working towards Wyndham’s 2040 Vision, the Werribee Outdoor Pool upgrades have been completed to improve the facility’s environmental footprint. The leisure pool filter has been replaced with an environmentally-friendly filter that will create a 30 per cent saving in energy and chemical consumption and, most notably, a 90 per cent saving in water consumption.

Climate Futures & Environment portfolio holder Cr Robert Szatkowski said: “Not only will this upgrade benefit our residents and pool users, it will benefit the environment too. We’re proud to be taking such important steps to reduce climate change and lessen our impact on the environment.”

The upgrade will include works on the base infrastructure of the pool, including retiling as well as a new Public Address System for enhanced visitor safety.

If you would like to find out more about these upgrades, please visit: http://civicgisapp1.wyndham.vic.gov.au/CapitalWorksAdmin/projects