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12-Year-Old Boy Rescued From Floodwater

Flood rescue merton street bridge

Police and emergency services rescued a boy at the Merton Street bridge in Altona on Thursday, 27 October.

It’s understood the 12-year-old was riding his bike near flood water with friends on Merton Street when he got pulled towards a drain and became stuck about 4.40pm.

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Police and State Emergency Services quickly responded and rescued the boy who, according to one person at the scene, only had his face visible above the water.

The boy was taken from the Altona side of Merton Street to the Altona Meadows side of Merton Street, where an ambulance was waiting. The boy was wrapped in a blanket and still shivering as paramedics attended to him. 

He was taken to the Western Hospital Sunshine in what’s believed to be a stable condition.