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16-Year-Old Arrested in Point Cook for Alleged Armed Robbery

Point Cook Armed Robbery Warunda Parade

Teenager Apprehended After Robbery and Assault with Machete in Point Cook

A 16-year-old boy has been apprehended by the police following an alleged armed robbery that occurred in Point Cook earlier today. The incident involved a 15-year-old victim who was approached and assaulted by a male youth armed with a machete on Warunda Parade around 8:45 am.

According to reports, the alleged offender demanded the victim to hand over his wallet, to which the victim complied fearing for his safety. Shockingly, after receiving the wallet, the assailant returned it to the victim before subjecting him to a physical assault. The victim, fortunately, only suffered minor injuries during the ordeal.

Police on Warunda Parade

The local authorities were alerted immediately, and police officers swiftly responded to the scene of the crime. They conducted a thorough investigation, gathering evidence and statements from witnesses. Based on their inquiries, they were able to identify and track down the 16-year-old suspect at his residence in Point Cook.

The suspect was taken into custody and is currently assisting investigators with their ongoing inquiries into the incident. The authorities are now looking into the motive behind the alleged armed robbery and the circumstances leading up to the assault.

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