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190 Megalitres of Water for the Werribee River

Megalitres of water for Werribee River

Melbourne Water are working with Victorian Environmental Water Holder and Southern Rural Water to release around 190 megalitres of water to the Lower Werribee River from Melton Reservoir.

As the summer freshening flow moves downstream, it will help to flush out pollutants and sediment, improve water quality and help create a more suitable habitat for native fish, frogs and platypus. The flow will also help to reduce the number of non-native fish that can harm the local ecosystem.

This water comes from an account that is set aside for the environment.

The release will pass over the Lower Werribee Diversion Weir on the 9th to 10th of February with the passing flows supporting the downstream environment.

Lower Werribee River after flooding.

The Lower Werribee River flows into the Werribee South Estuary, where the summer freshening flow will help to improve the estuary’s water quality and provide a boost to the local ecology.

This summer freshening flow is part of a broader effort to improve the health of the Lower Werribee River and the Werribee Estuary.

Melbourne Water are working with local communities, Traditional Owners, local councils and government agencies to implement a range of actions to improve the river’s health.

Committed to improving the health of the Lower Werribee River and the Werribee Estuary, Melbourne Water are confident that the summer freshening flow, as well as the other actions they’re taking, will help to make a real difference.

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