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$20.00 Incentive to Attend Community Safety Workshops

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Residents in Wyndham City are invited to share their thoughts on issues affecting community safety and ways in which these can be addressed at workshops being held across the city in July.

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The Community Safety Conversations workshops aim to make the most of strengths that exist locally and the willingness of residents and organisations to come together to address issues regarding crime and safety, to build a stronger community collaboratively.

Feedback from the workshops will influence community safety projects that will be delivered as part of the State Government-funded and Wyndham City led, Empowering Communities initiative.

Wyndham City is working with the Victorian Government and the local community to develop common goals and community safety activities that will be delivered following the workshops.

Wyndham City’s Community Safety portfolio holder Cr Susan McIntyre said: “Community safety can mean different things to everyone.”

“Community safety is about helping communities to be and feel safe. It is important that we all feel safe where we live, work or spend our leisure time.”

“We want to hear what you think. What will make a difference to you feeling safe?”

“We are such a wonderfully diverse community and given our demographics we want to hear from all sections of it; getting involved will help to create a stronger and safer Wyndham.”

Each community member that attends a session will receive a $20 voucher for participating and meals will be provided.

The Empowering Communities Grant initiative is part of State Government’s Building Safer Communities Program, a foundation of the State’s Crime Prevention Strategy. The strategy includes grants and community forums that support Victorian councils and community organisations. The grant will fund initiatives until 30 June 2024.

To register and for further information visit Community Safety in Wyndham | The Loop