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$200K Fund Available to Eligible Wyndham Businesses

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Expressions of Interest are now open for the Manufacturing and Primary Producer Development and Expansion Fund.


Closing on 22 February 2021, the Fund provides a total pool of $200,000 and is available to eligible Wyndham businesses.

In line with State and Federal government policy, this program aims to develop and expand the key priority sectors of manufacturing and agribusiness, both of which contribute significantly to Wyndham City’s economic prosperity.

“The flow on impact of COVID-19 is presenting major challenges to all businesses across the country,” Cr Hegedich said.

“It may surprise some, particularly given the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in Australia over the past 20 years, that manufacturing still provides 10 per cent of Wyndham City’s employment and 24 per cent of revenue generated by local business in the city.”

Future Focused Economy portfolio holder Cr Mia Shaw said the Fund is aimed at high functioning businesses.

“This application-based program offers two streams of funding, one encouraging investment in research and development and product diversification and one supporting industry champions to explore new export markets at what is a most challenging period for both sectors,” Cr Shaw said.

“This fund is only available to eligible Wyndham businesses and continues our program of meeting the challenges of COVID19 through the WynLocal Economic Support Package.”

Expressions of Interest period closes at 5.00pm Monday 22 February 2021.

Visit our website for more information on the Fund and how to apply: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wynlocal-manufacturing-and-primary-producer-development-and-expansion-fund