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2021 Learning for Earning Festival

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Wyndham City is co-facilitating a three-day learning festival designed to connect and upskill people and promote alternative pathways for learning.

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Residents are invited to participate in the ‘Learning for Earning in the West Festival’, a free online event running from Thursday 27 May until Saturday 29 May 2021.

This inaugural event aims to provide both new pathways for local residents as well as supporting those seeking to start or change careers. It will also focus on understanding current and future jobs and opportunities in Melbourne’s West.

Facilitated by the LearnWest Network, residents can access 30, free one-hour live events – based around six streams, plus pre-recorded events.

The streams include; learning, skills, career planning and pathways, employment, industry and business, and entrepreneurship.

Wyndham’s Learning City Portfolio Holder, Cr Jasmine Hill encouraged residents to attend one of the free events and said the initiative fostered social and economic inclusion.

“Each year, the LearnWest network commits to a shared project,” Cr Hill said.

“This year, the LearnWest network created a platform where they could combine resources to run an event that would help upskill people and look at different pathways and options for learning.”

“The virtual event is both inspirational and practical in the learning to earning space.”

“The festival seeks to help our communities in a united way and to assist local residents to gain knowledge in starting or changing careers including upskilling and understanding dominant and emerging industries and opportunities for the future.”

“This shared LearnWest project, aims to benefit the west of Melbourne, combining our resources to assist the community with ‘learning for earning’.”

The live events will also be recorded to create a library of resources to be shared amongst LearnWest members.

Find out more and register for events here: www.learnwest.org

Wyndham is a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities