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$25.6 Million Boost to Road Safety in Victoria: Black Spot Program Targets Dangerous Sites, Including Tarneit Intersection

Tarneit Road and Bethany Road

Australian Government's Investment to Enhance Road Safety at 57 Crash Sites Across Victoria Includes Key Tarneit Intersection Project

A $25.6 million investment by the Australian Government is set to significantly enhance road safety across Victoria through the Black Spot Program. In a bid to address 57 hazardous crash sites, the program will implement crucial safety improvements, including the installation of traffic signals and roundabouts in areas with a history of severe accidents or a high potential for future collisions.

One such critical site selected for immediate intervention is the intersection at Tarneit Road and Bethany Road in Tarneit. At an estimated cost of $287,000, this project aims to improve safety at the intersection by installing raised safety platforms on through-lanes for Bethany Road approaches. Additionally, modifications to left-turn signal phasing will facilitate a pedestrian head-start, significantly enhancing safety for all road users.

The Black Spot Program has garnered a reputation for its efficacy in mitigating road risks. By funding safety measures in locations prone to accidents, the program contributes significantly to the reduction of fatalities and injuries on Victoria’s roads. This latest investment builds on prior efforts to enhance road safety throughout the state.

Integral to the Black Spot Program’s success is the active participation of Black Spot Consultative Panels. These panels provide a platform for stakeholders to voice their opinions during the project selection process, ensuring that projects of paramount importance to local communities receive the highest priority and endorsement for approval.

The Victorian review panel, responsible for project selection, comprises representatives from prominent organizations, including the Municipal Association of Victoria, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, Victorian Transport Association, Victorian Police Service, Road Safety Victoria, Traffic Management Association of Australia, and the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown, expressed enthusiasm for the 57 new Black Spot projects across Victoria. Brown thanked local communities for their active participation in nominating these projects and highlighted the Australian Government’s commitment to investing $110 million annually in the Black Spot Program. The ultimate goal is to collaborate with state, territory, and local governments to enhance road safety nationwide and prevent road-related tragedies.

Victorian Government Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Melissa Horne, welcomed the substantial investment as a significant step towards achieving safer roads for all users. Horne emphasized that the Black Spot Program is aligned with Victoria’s comprehensive road safety strategy, which aims to eliminate road-related fatalities entirely by 2050.

For further details on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program or to propose a black spot for consideration, visit investment.infrastructure.gov.au/funding/blackspots.