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40 Years of Waterways Protection.

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The Werribee River Association has been active in waterways protection since 1981.

2021 marked the Association’s 40th year and to commemorate this milestone, a history book has recently been launched, with many former committee members, significant volunteers and stakeholders in attendance.

40 Years of Waterways Protection 1981 – 2021 describes how the Association began by a group of vocal community members who spoke up about the degradation of the Werribee River and their legacy remains today.

The book also acknowledges that many people have cared for the much-loved Werribee River, or Wirribi Yaluk as the Wadawurrung people named it.

The book has been researched and written by former Chairperson and current Manager of the Association, Lisa Field, with editorial support by John Forrester, Werribee Riverkeeper and former committee member and local historian Heather Noble.

One of the champions of the Association is John Forrester, who has made a significant impact to the Werribee River catchment through direct action, advocacy and education.

Since 1993, John has been instrumental in leading the way for the development of the Association, and his involvement and support for waterways reform now spans almost thirty years.

The digital book has been kindly supported by the Victorian Government, and the launch and limited printed copies have been supported by Wyndham City and Victoria University.

To obtain a digital copy, please contact Lisa Field 0433 559 530 or lisa.field@werribeeriver.org.au

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