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$400,000 Taxpayer Funded Mosque Open Day

Melbourne Grand Mosque

 The Victorian Government, in collaboration with the Islamic Council of Victoria, is organizing the annual Victorian Mosque Open Day. This event aims to allow Victorians to explore their local mosques, gain insights into Islamic faith and practices, and engage with the Muslim community.

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Expected to attract nearly 8,000 attendees, the Victorian Mosque Open Day 2024 will feature various community activities such as information sessions, arts and crafts, jumping castles, and sausage sizzles.

List of Mosques Open in Wyndham for the Open Day:
1. Virgin Mary Mosque – 143 Hogans Rd, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029
2. Melbourne Grand Mosque (MGM) – 70 Wootten Rd, Tarneit
3. Golden Wattle Mosque (Melbourne Multicultural Centre) – 700 Davis Rd, Tarneit

But one might question the use of taxpayer funds for such initiatives. Over 35 mosques and Islamic centres across Victoria will participate in this event, supported by the Allan Labor Government with $400,000 in funding over the next four years. Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ingrid Stitt encourages Victorians to attend, praising the event to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism in Victoria.

However, some may wonder about the appropriateness of using public funds to support religious events. Since 2014, the Labor Government has allocated over $36.8 million to the Victorian Islamic community for various programs and initiatives. A $450,000 grant was approved in 2015 for the Islamic Museum of Australia to “educate the community about Islam.” This funding, dispersed over three years, supplemented an earlier capital funding of $500,000.

While the Victorian Mosque Open Day aims to foster understanding and cohesion among communities, concerns about using taxpayer money for religious purposes also arise. Should public funds be allocated to promote specific religious beliefs, or should they be directed towards secular initiatives that benefit all members of society equally? These questions warrant thoughtful consideration in the ongoing debate about the separation of religion and state.

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