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A Community Safety Forum for Wyndham.

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The CommSafe Forum will be held on 17 August in Hoppers Crossing, where local police will be joined by Deputy Commissioner, Regional Operations Rick Nugent as well as Assistant Commissioner’s Brett Curran, Lauren Callaway and Glen Weir.

The panel will discuss a range of local issues and crime trends, with an opportunity for community members to provide feedback and raise awareness on any safety issues or concerns.

Topics to be covered include:

• Family violence

• Road policing

• Youth offending

• Drugs

• Emergency Management

Any issues identified by the community may be entered in Wyndham’s Community Issues Register as part of Victoria Police’s Neighbourhood Policing framework. A dedicated Sergeant manages this register, allocating issues to local police officers who develop solutions in collaboration with the community and local partners.

Wyndham police are looking forward to hosting members of the local community at the CommSafe Forum, but it is important that police are always available to listen to community concerns.

The local community can speak to us when they’re out and about, or contact their local police station with any areas of concern.

Residents or traders interested in attending the CommSafe Forum can do so by registering via email at wyndhamcommunitysafety-mgr@police.vic.gov.au.

 Wyndham Local Area Commander Inspector Darren Bentley said, “Wyndham police are looking forward to the opportunity to engage with our local community and hear more about the issues that are important to them.”

“Our number one priority is community safety, and it is important that we listen to and act on any concerns the community may have.”

“The issues raised during this forum will be recorded and assigned to local police officers, who will then be responsible for following these up and developing initiatives to address the concern and enhance community safety.”

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