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A Fresh Voice for Wyndham Council.

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Is Eli Muse the fresh voice for Wyndham Council we’ve been looking for?

Point Cook Resident, Eli Muse has declared his intention to run for a council seat for Harrison Ward.

An Engineer, business owner and a social entrepreneur, he believes his skills and experience will bring a fresh voice and new ways of thinking to the Wyndham Council.

“Our current climate calls for innovative ways of thinking to rebuild our local economy. An era is fading away and ushering in a strong need to adopt agile ways to govern the complex needs of our growing community.”

“Residents are more involved than ever in our local politics as it has become clear over the years the urgent need to have representatives with the interest of the community at heart.”

Eli founded Kulture Hive along with community members to provide a platform for youth engagement and have since assisted over hundreds of youths and migrants into jobs, others into self-employment and continues to unite the community through social cohesion programs.

Kulture Hive has been featured nationally

Along with his team, he launched a co-working space in Williams Landing to support freelancers, small business owners and start ups in the community. Eli acquired a license to organise TEDx talk in Point Cook as he aims to use the platform to share unique stories and ideas from our Wyndham community to the World.

Eli is a proud father of Shaun & Elon Muse; both born at Werribee Mercy Hospital and husband to Morley Muse, an environmental scientist.

His policies can be found on his website: