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A Grand Vision: Intaj Khan’s $9.5 Million Mansion Set to Transform Wyndham

Mansion in Tarneit

Former Councillor and successful businessman Intaj Khan is embarking on a grand construction project in Tarneit, set to become the largest and most opulent mansion in Wyndham. The “Khan Mansion,” often referred to as the “In-taj Mahal,” is a testament to Khan’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit. With an estimated value of $9.5 million, this 2400-square-metre property will include an array of luxurious features designed to offer unparalleled comfort and grandeur.

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Located on a sprawling four-hectare block on Derrimut Road, the mansion will boast 15 bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, ensuring privacy and luxury for all residents and guests. Among its many amenities are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a 30-seat movie theatre, a state-of-the-art gym, and a tennis court. The property will also include a seven-car garage, a helipad, and five large outdoor entertainment areas, making it a perfect venue for hosting large gatherings and events.

Khan, who is also the founder and CEO of the Western Institute of Technology, has expressed that the mansion is not just a personal achievement but a symbol of what immigrants can accomplish in Australia through hard work and determination. He envisions this project as a catalyst for further luxury developments in the western suburbs of Melbourne, hoping it will inspire other investors to see the potential in areas like Tarneit and Wyndham.


The construction of the “In-taj Mahal” is expected to begin by the end of the year, with a projected completion timeline of 12 months. Once finished, it will significantly surpass the median house price in Tarneit, which is currently around $415,000, highlighting the mansion’s exceptional scale and luxury. The project aims to elevate the surrounding area’s property values and attract more high-end investments, contributing to the region’s growth and development.

Khan’s vision extends beyond his own property. He advocates for the creation of more luxury housing estates in the western suburbs, similar to the prestigious Sanctuary Lakes development. He believes that offering larger blocks with premium amenities will attract discerning buyers and investors, further transforming the region into a desirable location for affluent families and individuals.

In summary, the Khan Mansion is set to become a landmark in Wyndham, showcasing the possibilities for luxury living in the western suburbs of Melbourne. It reflects Khan’s commitment to the area and his belief in the potential for growth and development through strategic investments and high-quality construction.

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