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A New Animal Hospital in Werribee.

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A new animal hospital has opened on the Melbourne University Werribee campus, providing specialist vet services and clinical placements for tertiary veterinary students.

Greencross Vet Hospital moved into the purposebuilt facility on Monday, which consists of 14 consultation rooms, three surgical theatres, a dedicated zone for dogs, a cat-only ward, and an area for exotic pets.

In the wake of the U-Vet hospital shutting down in December of last year, there was a large amount of student outrage.

Melbourne Uni’s faculty of science dean Moira O’Bryan expressed that the new hospital will provide invaluable opportunities for students, while Greencross chief operating officer Dr Michelle Kellaway said the opening is a “wonderful milestone” for both the university and Greencross.

She added that Greencross veterinarians and nurses are excited to share their experience and knowledge with the next generation.

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