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A New, Improved, Werribee South Beach

Werribee Sth Beach

Wyndham City is calling on residents to have their say on the new Werribee South Beach Master Plan via Wyndham’s community engagement portal, The Loop.

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The project aims to develop Werribee South Beach into a new, welcoming and fun place to visit under Wyndham’s Coastal and Marine Management Plan.

Wyndham Mayor Cr Peter Maynard said: “We know that Werribee South Beach is a really important place for residents from all over Wyndham and that is why we’re looking forward to hearing their thoughts, ideas and opinions on this project.”

The plan proposes to make Werribee South Beach a must-visit destination for all residents, as well as putting it on the map for travellers from near and far.

A range of ideas were proposed for Werribee South Beach during the development of Wyndham’s Coastal & Marine Management Plan. These include the creation of a deck and seating area overlooking Werribee River, as well as improved picnic facilities, shelters and the planting of more shade trees. A new playground with more opportunities for children of all abilities was also suggested.


For active visitors, an upgrade to the shared pedestrian and bike path to create a wider Bay Trail was widely supported, as well as the installation of fitness equipment and facilities for cyclists. The reshaping and upgrade of grassed lawn areas for picnics and ball games was also recommended.

The creation of a coastal demonstration garden using native plants that attract birds and wildlife that inspire visitors to increase coastal habitat values in some of Wyndham’s private gardens was proposed, along with the creation of an area for food trucks during the summer months.

The Master Plan will include elements that make the area more accessible for all through wheelchair safe paths, pick-up and drop-off areas and an accessible public toilet upgrade.

“Wyndham is known for its sprawling city, expansive country and now with an upgrade to Werribee South Beach, it will put our beautiful coast at the forefront of everyone’s minds,” Cr Maynard said.

Make sure you have your say on the ideas being considered for the Werribee South Beach Master Plan by visiting https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/werribee-south-beach-master-plan by 13 December, 2021.