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A New River Crossing For Werribee.

Cottrell Street Closed scaled

A report assessing alternatives to the current Werribee River crossing at Cottrell Street was requested by Wyndham City Councillor Heather Marcus last night, 25th October. 

An extra river crossing is expected to alleviate traffic congestion in Werribee when the Cottrell Street Ford is closed due to flooding. 

Due to recent rain events, the Cottrell Street Ford has been closed. As a result, Werribee has been plagued with major traffic disruptions.

Due to the temporary closure of this Werribee River crossing, access to the west of the city is reduced and traffic congestion throughout the city is exacerbated.

Cottrell Street Ford in flood

During floods, Wyndham residents report being unable to access home and work. 


Alternative crossings of the Werribee River have been suggested. As a result, flooding events will no longer grind our City to a halt. 

Cr. Marcus said, “The Ford has already been closed several times this year and it is important that we plan for future events to minimise the impact for motorists.” 


This report will assess alternative options to the Cottrell Street Ford River crossing in terms of transportation planning, budgeting, hydrological, flood mitigation, and engineering considerations. In addition, Melbourne Water and the Department of Transport will need to be included in the process.  

Cr. Mia Shaw voted against the motion saying that, “Any report that is prepared by this notice of motion is likely to show that a new bridge or crossing solution would be unaffordable and not in line with the traffic volumes and the amount of flood events for Cottrell St.”

The notice of motion for the report was passed and is expected to be delivered by March 2023.