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A Traffic Park to Prepare Your Toddler for Wyndham’s Roads.

Traffic park Wyndham scaled

Wyndham is home to many great children’s parks and this one in Point Cook is sure to please those with a young family.

The Alamanda Traffic Park or as it is affectionately known, ‘Traffic Park’ is located on Pepper Way in Point Cook.

It’s a great facility where young children on bikes can learn about roads, traffic signs and markings.

Preschoolers or children up to around five years of age are more likely to enjoy this park, which is geared toward small bikes, scooters, trikes, balance bikes or similar equipment.

Traffic park in Wyndham

In addition to a pedestrian crossing (where kids can accompany elderly people across the street), there is a traffic roundabout, a speed hump, solid lines, dashed lines, give way signs, and stop signs.

What a great way to prepare your kids for Wyndham’s roads

Parents can sit on a small bench and a fence surrounds the area except for a small entrance.

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