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A Vision For Wyndham

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Work to refresh the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision is well underway, with Community Conversations to begin this week.  

Over two sessions in February and March, 140 Wyndham residents will be learning more about the opportunities and challenges facing Council and discussing their aspirations and priorities for Wyndham.

They will also develop a vision statement and outcomes to be achieved under the refreshed Vision.

Developed in 2016, the Vision is an aspirational document that details what the community wants Wyndham to be like in coming decades and encompasses everything from parks and playgrounds to the arts, education, tourism, and the local economy, community services, local road projects, and more.

Wyndham City Mayor Adele Hegedich said the Community Conversations was just one of the ways Council is engaging with the community as part of the Shaping Wyndham’s Future Project.


“Between November 2020 and January 2021, Council invited the community to take a short survey to tell us about their vision for Wyndham, and what should be added or changed to the existing Vision,” Cr Hegedich said.

“These Community Conversations are the next step in the process and will give Council a valuable snapshot of community sentiment.”

“The participants taking part in the Conversations have been allocated to one of five place-based groups based on where they live and are also broadly representative of the local area by way of gender, age and background.”

“They were among more than 34,000 randomly selected Wyndham residents who received a letter in the mail asking them register their interest in the Community Conversations, with more than 700 residents putting their hand up to be part of this important project.”


Cr Hegedich said feedback from the Community Conversations would also be used to develop the new Council Plan, Financial Plan and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

“Now that we have begun a new Council term, it is the ideal time to look at the Vision with fresh eyes and to ensure that it is reflective of the needs of the different places and diverse people which make up Wyndham,” Cr Hegedich said.

All community members will be able to have their say again when the draft Council Plan is on public exhibition later this year.

For more information on the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision and Council Plan, go to: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/help-shape-wyndhams-future