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A Wireless Carplay Solution

Wireless Carplay solutions scaled

Wireless carplay transmitters provide drivers with an easy way to access their favorite music, podcasts, apps, and more in a handsfree manner.

Carplay is Apple‘s platform for connecting your iPhone to a car‘s audio system, and with the help of a wireless carplay transmitter, you can access all of the features of Carplay without having to plug your phone in.

Unfortunately, not all cars come with wireless carplay transmitters preinstalled. If you have a vehicle that just missed the technology, dont worry youre not out of luck.

Adding a wireless carplay transmitter to your car is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. All you need is an aftermarket wireless carplay transmitter. The transmitter can be plugged into your car’s audio system through the USB socket and will allow you to access the carplay features wirelessly.

Once the transmitter is installed, you’ll be able to access the same carplay features you would have with the built-in wireless carplay, such as music streaming, hands-free calling, and navigation.

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