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Abandoned Plans Lead to Largest Education Expansion in Wyndham for Truganina Families

Truganina Nth Primary

Image: Truganina Nth Education Precinct [Facebook]


Truganina families were enticed to the area when they saw an advertisement for a potential government primary school within walking distance from their home.

 Unfortunately, after three years, those plans were abandoned by the state government, who decided not to purchase the 6.1hectare plot of land.

Instead, the government acquired a larger 9.6hectare property nearby, the Truganina North Education Precinct. Scheduled to open in 2024, the precinct will provide education for 2,200 students from kindergarten to the secondary school level, in addition to the Truganina North Secondary School.

The City of Wyndham is the fastestgrowing local government area in the country, according to KPMG, and schools in the area are already larger than the average school in Greater Melbourne. The council’s analysis reveals that the typical school in Wyndham has 983 students, while schools in Greater Melbourne average approximately 554.

To accommodate the growth, seven new schools will be opened by 2024, including the Truganina North Primary School and two Truganina North Secondary College campuses.

Education Minister Natalie Hutchins announced that by 2026, 100 new schools would open across Australia, with 21 of them in Wyndham- the most of any local government area in the nation.

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