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For local businesses in Wyndham, advertising with Wyndham TV presents a compelling alternative to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

With its targeted local approach, enhanced relevance, trustworthiness, and reduced competition, Wyndham TV provides an ideal platform to connect with the local community.

By leveraging the engaging and immersive local news and media experience, businesses can maximize their visibility and create a lasting impact.

When it comes to local advertising, Wyndham TV shines as the go-to choice for businesses seeking to make a significant impact within their community.

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Analytics thumbnailAnalytic reports show over 150 thousand website hits per month.

Facebook followersWe have 85 thousand followers on Facebook.

Local AudienceOur audience is local, predominantly in the Wyndham area.

Low cost advertisingWe are only half the price of traditional local newspaper advertising.

Engagement levelsOur engagement levels consistently surpass those of established local news outlets.

Advertiser LoginAdvertiser login is available for selected packages to monitor views and clicks.

Discover the advantages over Google Ads and Facebook Ads