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Advertiser Terms and Conditions

1. Publisher Details
Wyndham TV Pty Ltd (ACN 616 114 580), hereafter referred to as “us, our, we,” is the publisher of wyndhamtv.com.au and its associated subscriber email.

2. Agreement Formation
2.1. Our Advertising Terms and Conditions establish the standard terms for advertising products and services on our website.
2.2. Submission of an advertising order by every advertiser and advertising agency (“you”) implies agreement to these terms. Your order and these conditions constitute a binding contract between you and us.

3. Advertisement Publication
3.1. We commit, subject to availability, technical constraints, and these Terms and Conditions, to publish your advertisement in a timely manner.
3.2. Advertisement positioning and timing is at our discretion unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
3.3. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to refuse publication without providing reasons.
3.4. Contract formation occurs upon our acceptance of your advertisement, accompanied by a valid tax invoice. Refusal to publish incurs no charges.
3.5. Even after contract formation, we retain the right to refuse or withdraw your advertisement at any time, without giving reasons.

3.6. Payments must be made in full prior to any advertising publication unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Advertisement Changes
4.1. We may, at our absolute discretion and at no extra cost to you, re-publish your advertisement in any other place.
4.2. Amendments to your advertisement may occur without prior consultation or notice if we find it necessary due to legal concerns or third-party agreements.
4.3. Variation of placement, positioning, or format is within our discretion. Notification of changes will be attempted, but we are not liable for associated costs, losses, or damages.

5. Proofing and Errors
5.1. Timely checking of advertising artwork proofs is your responsibility.
5.2. Artwork created by us remains under our copyright and may be purchased for a nominal fee.
5.3. We disclaim responsibility for errors in electronically submitted advertising material.

6. Cancellation Policy
6.1. Cancellation must be in writing within 5 days of order acceptance for a 100% refund, minus setup/artwork costs.
6.2. Cancellations after the deadline are at our discretion and may incur a minimum 100% cancellation fee.
6.3. No refund for cancellations after campaign commencement.

7. Financial Matters
7.1. In case of an act of bankruptcy, insolvency, or certain other events, we may, at our absolute discretion, cancel a current advertising campaign and seek recovery for overdue amounts, including costs.

8. Compliance and Indemnification
8.1. By submitting advertising material, you warrant compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
8.2. You indemnify us against claims arising from the publication of advertising material.
8.3. Each submitted artwork is expected to represent a unique business entity.

9. Visitor Numbers and Views
9.1. We make no representation regarding visitor numbers or impressions.
9.2. We cannot guarantee views or engagement levels for your advertisement.

9.3. We do not provide individual reach and engagement levels. Advertisers choose to advertise with us based on the overall statistics provided, such as our number of followers and website hits.

10. Liability and Exclusions
10.1. We exclude all implied conditions and warranties from these Terms and Conditions, except any condition or warranty mandated by the Trade Practices Act.
10.2. Liability for breach of any non-excluded condition is limited to re-supply of affected advertising services or payment of re-supply costs.
10.3. We exclude all other liability for costs, expenses, losses, and damages incurred in connection with these Terms and Conditions and any published advertisement. This includes, but is not limited to, indirect or consequential losses such as loss of profits, revenue, and business opportunity.

11. Changes to Terms and Conditions
11.1. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice.
11.2. Changes apply to advertising services provided after the effective date.
11.3. Both parties are bound by the Terms and Conditions in effect at the date of your order.

12. Entire Agreement and Notices
12.1. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us concerning advertising services and cannot be varied except by written agreement signed by one of our authorized officers.
12.2. No purchase order or document issued by you will vary these Terms and Conditions.
12.3. We are not liable for any delay or failure to publish your advertisement due to factors beyond our reasonable control.
12.4. Notices may be served by prepaid post or email to your last known address.

By continuing with your advertising order, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Advertising Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us promptly.

Thank you for choosing Wyndham TV Pty Ltd for your advertising needs.

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