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Air Wing and Dog Squad Swiftly Respond to Teen Burglars

School break in

Trio of Teenagers Caught Discharging Fire Extinguishers and Setting Off Alarms at Shaws Road School

 In a swift response to a reported burglary on August 19th, police successfully apprehended three teenagers in connection with the incident at Wyndham Central College on Shaws Road. The alleged perpetrators, all hailing from Werribee, were arrested nearby.
The three boys, two aged 15 and one aged 14, are accused of trespassing onto the school premises around 10 pm. Their actions reportedly included discharging fire extinguishers within one of the rooms, resulting in a cloud of fire suppressants and triggering the school’s alarm system. 
Teen Burglars
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With assistance from the Air Wing and the Dog Squad, the authorities were able to locate the three suspects as they attempted to flee the scene along Paramatta Road. The three teenagers were arrested and then released with a caution.
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