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Angry Grandmother Takes Shot at Council Over Parking Sign.

Angry grandma signpost

Image: Angry grandmother for demonstration only.


An angry grandmother has taken a shot at Wyndham Council regarding the parking restrictions at her grandchild’s school.

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The grandmother took offence after seeing a parking sign on her morning drop-off journey with her granddaughter at a local school in Wyndham.

The parking sign restricts parking to only two minutes during school from 8.30 am – 9.00 am and then from 3.15 pm – 3.30 pm.

The offensive sign post.

The grandmother took to social media saying, “What a friggen joke.  A load of B S…  GET your HEAD together council. What are we supposed to do??? Just a quick drop-off and seeya later. Sorry ain’t happening!  I’m walking my grandchild to her room and I will wait till they go in.”

Calling Council “fools” she wanted to know who makes these ridiculous decisions and suggested that a 10 minute drop-off would be better.

The angry grandmother received quite a lot of community backlash over her online rant with most people criticising her response to the parking regulation.

One community member wrote, “Drop your kids and run is what you’re supposed to do. School Streets are clogged with selfish people like yourself who think they can park wherever they want for however long they want- that’s why the signs are there and why we hope council fine people who ignore them.”