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Another Stolen Car and More Arrests as Wyndham’s Crime Carousel Continues.

Stolen car arrests truganina

Police observed an alleged stolen black jeep with five people onboard in Everton Road, Truganina about 7.30pm on 2 January.

Police have approached the vehicle and all five occupants got out and ran off in different directions. 

A chase ensued in order to arrest the fleeing occupants. The canine unit was also utilised in the chase.

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 One male was apprehended on Morris Road, cuffed and monitored by police while divisional vans were called to the scene. The male was then given a pat down before being loaded into the back of the police van.  

Two young females were in handcuffs on Everton Road laughing and joking prior to being escorted into awaiting divisional vans and taken to Werribee police station. 

Police did manage to arrest all five who are currently assisting them with their enquires.

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