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Arson Attack Destroys Newly Renovated Barber Shop in Werribee

Riverdene Barber Shop Fire

Residents Report Explosive Incident as Two Men Flee Scene; Part of Ongoing Series of Attacks in Melbourne Area

Emergency services were called to a significant fire at the Riverdene Barber Shop on Derwent Road in Werribee early Monday morning. The incident occurred on June 17, just after 1:30 AM, when a small tray truck was driven into the shop, subsequently igniting both the vehicle and the premises.

It is suspected that accelerants were used in the attack, causing the shop to catch fire rapidly. A local resident reported hearing a loud bang and observed two men fleeing the scene shortly after.

The blaze prompted a substantial emergency response, but despite the efforts of firefighters, the shop was completely destroyed. The Riverdene shops had recently undergone renovations and were re-opened in December 2023.

This incident is currently under investigation. Authorities are examining whether it is connected to a series of targeted attacks that have been occurring in Wyndham and the greater Melbourne area.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with dashcam or CCTV footage of the incident to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.

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