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Arson Suspected in Devastating Hogans Corner Inferno

Hogans Corner shop fires

A devastating blaze suspected to be arson has obliterated a discount shop and inflicted severe damage on two adjacent establishments within a bustling Melbourne shopping precinct, now under active police investigation.

In the early hours of Wednesday, around 3 am, patrolling officers were the first to detect the emergency as they spotted smoke and flames erupting from the Hogans Corner Shopping Centre on Derrimut Rd, Hoppers Crossing. The inferno reportedly ignited near the ‘Hogans Corner $2+’ store before ferociously spreading to neighboring businesses, wreaking substantial havoc.

The blaze has left the ‘Hogans Corner $2+’ store in ruins. Nearby, Percy and Fred Salon and Smokin Joes Pizza and Grill suffered extensive damages.

fire damage at Hogans Corner

On a somewhat fortunate note, Daniel’s Donuts, situated across from the affected units, was shuttered at the time and seems to have escaped the fire’s wrath unscathed. Remarkably, no casualties were reported as the area was vacant during the incident.

The aftermath of the fire has led to a power outage affecting most enterprises in the vicinity, including ATMs. The nearby Lotto store and pharmacy have also closed, now shrouded in soot.

hogans corner damaged shops

Employees from one of the neighboring shops disclosed that they are unable to access their security footage due to fire damage to the system’s wiring, pending repairs by an electrician. As a precaution, fire crews continue to maintain a presence at the scene.

Police officers remain deployed at the site, conducting interviews with shop owners and employees from adjacent businesses as they piece together the sequence of events. Authorities are treating the incident with suspicion and urge anyone with insights or who witnessed the event to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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