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At Home Wyndham: Transforming Residences into Living Art Experiences

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Common Collective's Three-Day Arts Project in Wyndham Unveils Home as Public Art Installation

Wyndham City is thrilled to announce the unveiling of [At Home] Wyndham, a dynamic three-day collaborative art project conceived by Common Collective. This innovative initiative transforms an existing freestanding residence in Wyndham into a large-scale public art installation, featuring exhibitions, community activations, events, screenings, and a comprehensive program of talks exploring the concept of home.

Scheduled to take place from Friday, December 1, to Sunday, December 3, the [At Home] Wyndham project represents the inaugural phase of an ongoing exploration into the idea of home through site-specific architectural interventions implemented in homes worldwide. It delves into the utilization of domestic space and its distinctive role in the Australian psyche.

Marcel Mahfoud, the Creative City portfolio holder for Wyndham City, expressed, “[At Home] Wyndham delves into various perspectives and ideas surrounding the theme of home, challenging and encouraging the sharing of stories and experiences related to home.”

“This groundbreaking project, a first for Wyndham, metamorphoses a house into a collaborative arts endeavor.”

Featuring the participation of over 12 local artists and creatives alongside invited collaborators, each artist will individually and collectively respond to the concepts of home and the built environment through parties, photography, film, talks, and research.

[At Home] Wyndham is brought to life by Common Collective, with support from Wyndham City, Creative Australia, Creative Victoria, and the Alastair Swayn Foundation, and produced in partnership with Scoundrel Projects.

Opening Times:
– Friday, 1 Dec: 10 am – 9:30 pm
– Saturday, 2 Dec: 11 am – 9:30 pm
– Sunday, 3 Dec: 11 am – 6 pm

42 Anderson St, Werribee

Established in 2022, Common Collective is a multidisciplinary creative group employing both artistic and organizational frameworks to execute collaborative projects. Operating with an informal curatorial advisory board and a flexible membership model, Common Collective is dedicated to the open curation of design, art, and public space projects, in addition to creating collaborative, socially engaged, site-responsive works and open-access archives.

The Common Collective membership roster includes Ian Strange, Jedda Andrews, Simon Robinson, Steve Mintern, Mashaka Gunnulson, Dr. Mathan Ratinam, Emma Pegrum, and Miriam McGarry.

This edition of [AT HOME] also saw collaboration with Scoundrel Projects, Matt Roberts, Dr. Rory Hyde, Damien Laing, and the local community.

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