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Australian Military Recruitment Drive at Grand Mosque in Tarneit

ADF Muslim

Image: Sergeant Brodie Stewart, left, Chief Petty Officer Sarah Lindsay, Flight Lieutenant Abdul Khan and Chaplin Darren Cronshaw engage with community members at the Melbourne Grand Mosque. 

Australian Defence Force Engages with Wyndham's Muslim Community, Fostering Dialogue on Careers.

In a bid to strengthen ties and promote diversity, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) embarked on a unique initiative at the Melbourne Grand Mosque in Tarneit. Every Friday, Muslims gather for the Jumu’ah prayer, a significant cultural and religious event for the community. However, one Friday in October witnessed a special visit from members of the ADF, including ADF Careers specialists.


Air Force’s Chaplin Abdul Kader, a member of the Board of Imams Victoria overseeing the Melbourne Grand Mosque, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative. “This event symbolizes unity and diversity in our great nation. We are proud to open our doors to our fellow Australians,” Chaplin Kader remarked. The congregational prayer, attended by about 2000 worshippers in each session, provided an opportunity for over 4000 worshippers to engage with ADF personnel.

Flight Lieutenant Abdul Khan, from the Chief Information Officer Group, highlighted the purpose of the activity, aiming to attract potential ADF candidates from the Muslim community. Khan emphasized the commitment to breaking down barriers and expanding diversity within the Defence. “Our presence at the Melbourne Grand Mosque is a clear signal that we value diversity and welcome those from all backgrounds to join our ranks,” Flight Lieutenant Khan stated.

During the visit, ADF personnel engaged in conversations with community members, addressing inquiries about the diverse array of over 250 roles within the ADF and providing information on the benefits of an ADF career. “Our presence fostered open dialogue, ensuring that potential candidates felt heard and valued,” Flight Lieutenant Khan explained.

The local community responded positively to the initiative, with individuals sharing their feedback both in person and on social media. “Australians from all walks of life shared their support, emphasizing the importance of cultural inclusivity within the ADF.”

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