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Be Involved With Council’s Decision Making On The People’s Advisory Panel.


Council is calling on residents, workers, business owners, volunteers, students and those with a strong connection to Wyndham to join the People’s Advisory Panel and share your experience and thoughts to help inform key projects, strategies and plans.

The Panel will run for 12 months from August 2021 to July 2022, and members can be involved as much or as little as they like and in a variety of ways, including surveys, focus groups, workshops and interviews.

In addition, members of the Panel will be randomly selected from time to time to provide a deeper understanding on large-scale projects.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Adele Hegedich said one of the first projects Panel members will be involved in is the development of Wyndham’s Asset Plan, which outlines how Wyndham’s services and assets operate.

“During the community engagement process for the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision refresh you told us that you want to be more involved in Council’s decision-making – and we want that too,” Cr Hegedich said.

“Through the People’s Advisory Panel, we want to create a mini Wyndham of people ready to have their voices heard.”

“You don’t need to have any special knowledge about Council to join, just an interest in contributing to your local community.”

“If you live, work or study in Wyndham, you are uniquely qualified to help guide the work we do over the next 12 months – so do your bit for Wyndham’s future and sign up!”

Registrations will close at midnight on Sunday 1st August 2021.

For more information about the People’s Advisory Panel and to join, go to https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wyndham-peoples-advisory-panel