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Big Changes to Waste Management.

Hard waste in Wyndham

Wyndham City Council has announced some changes around what you can do with hard waste and green waste. They state that it will help you keep your property clean and Wyndham beautiful.

As part of the new change, residents can now exchange hard and green waste booked collection entitlements for Waste Disposal Vouchers. These vouchers can be used at the Refuse Disposal Facility at Wests Road, Werribee.

For an additional $100, residents can purchase additional hard and green waste collection services once they have used all their bookings for the year.

Additionally, hard and green waste collection can be booked for $100 by residents who live in multi-unit dwellings and do not currently pay waste charges.

The changes by council have been made in an effort to make waste management easier for residents of Wyndham. Residents are urged to contact the council for any assistance required or for further information on 1300 023 411

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