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Biker Lives Matter

Bikers Lives Matter

I ran a survey on the 21 June 2020.

The one-question survey was “Do you own a bicycle?

The results indicated a large percentage of Wyndham residents own a bike.

23 June 2020, the Wyndham City Council released a Wyndham Active Transport Strategy which indicated about 68.7% of residents drive a car to work.

Wyndham Active Transport Report 2020

With an indicative large number of residents owning a bike, why do we still have fleet of cars on the road competing for parking at the train stations, driving within Wyndham city, going on short trips from home to malls?

Wyndham is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria with a population growth estimated to grow above 500,000 in 20 years at a 3.3% growth rate year on year. As expected in a fast growing city, lack of strategic planning and foresight can make transportation and parking a major distress for residents. Unfortunately, Wyndham residents have not been lucky. Commuting in and out of Wyndham at peak hours requires the patience of a pope.

A quick look at the End of Trip Facilities (EOTF) around Wyndham’s public facilities gives an indication why our city residents have not found purpose with their bikes other than recreational uses.

Bicycle Parking Facility at Williams Landing. Capacity: 20?

The bicycle parking at Williams Landing isn’t any different from the EOTF provision at other stations in Wyndham if there are any. Parking facilities at shopping malls are even less fancy and few.

Let’s resist the temptation of talking about the discrimination of bikers on the road and the unsafe bike lanes carved out as an afterthought for the “pesky bikers”.

Why has it taken so long or till 23 June 2020 for the Wyndham council to recognise that upgrading and installing smarter bike facilities and infrastructure should be one of its strategic priorities to solve our unnecessarily congested roads despite all of the health, economic and environmental benefits of a cycling city?

Why haven’t the council considered facilities that requires less space and a bigger capacity?

Above ground parking facility. Capacity: 200
Underground parking facility.

Still a long way to go for residents to get value for the rates and fines paid to the city council.

As a bike lover and avid supporter of cycling, I have some words to council: Stop the pathetic discrimination of Bikers and recognise our existence.

Biker Lives Matter 


Eli Muse
Author: Eli Muse