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VIDEO: Blaze’s Owners Thought They Would Never See Her Again.

Blaze lucky to be alive

Blaze the cockatiel flew the coop on the 13th of January 2022 from Barron street, Tarneit, and was last seen flying into the distance over some houses.


Blaze’s owner, Kate, put out a call on social media asking if anyone had a cockatiel land in their backyard or at the front of their house, to inbox her as soon as possible.

Kate stated in the post that Blaze was friendly and that if you put your finger in the air and call her, she should fly to you. 

But, unfortunately, there was no response, and Blaze couldn’t be found; her youngest child was “joined at the hip” with six-year-old Blaze and was devastated that she was now gone.

On Saturday the 11th of June, a man found a cockatiel at his job site in Tarneit and posted a call-out on the Lost Pets in West (Melbourne) Facebook page stating how friendly she was.

Video: Apparently Blaze has learned to wolf-whistle at the building site.

The photo showed the cockatiel sitting comfortably under a cutting blade tool and was also shared on the Tarneit Community Facebook page.

Kate contacted the people who put the post online and confirmed that it was her cockatiel.

How did she know?  “they are all slightly different “, she said. Kate also said, “My son  also accidentally got eye shadow on her wings about a month before she went missing, that no amount of baths would get rid of, and that make-up mark was on the bird we picked up today so we knew for sure that it is our bird!”

Some pink eyeshadow remains on the tip of Blaze’s wings.

Kate’s family now has two birds, “We bought my son a new pet bird in February as he missed Blaze so much and we didn’t think we’d see Blaze again, so now we have two birds!”, she said.

Kate is extremely happy to have Blaze back and is encouraging everyone not to give up hope on finding their missing pet.