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Vapes Stolen at Brazen Ram Raid at Woodville Park Shopping Centre

Ram Raid Woodville Park Drive

Assailants Smash Window Bars and Steal Vapes, Fleeing Scene as Police Investigate the Incident

In the early hours of the morning on July 8th, a disturbing incident took place at the Woodville Park Shopping Centre in Hoppers Crossing.

Before 5:30 am, a vehicle forcefully crashed into the rear of the Gifts and Smoke Accessories shop, causing significant damage.

The impact shattered the window bars, leaving behind a conspicuous hole on the Woodville Park Drive side of the store.

Ram Raid Woodville Park Tyre marks


Once inside the offenders have stolen vapes before fleeing the scene.


Following the incident, the vehicle and its occupants hastily fled the scene, leaving behind a scene of chaos.

The shopping centre has been plagued in the past.

Police have initiated an investigation into the matter, hoping to shed light on the details surrounding this troubling ram raid.

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