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Budget Boost for Wyndham.

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The second largest Capital Works program on record and a commitment to clean up Wyndham headline the 2022-23 proposed Draft Budget, which was formally adopted for public exhibition last night.

The proposed Draft Budget has allocated $168.3 million in Capital Works, including $32.3 million for crucial upgrade and maintenance work on our local road network.

The proposed Draft Budget also includes $19.8 million in funding to improve parks, open spaces and streetscapes as Council looks to increase pride in Wyndham and deliver a more liveable city.

Key highlights of the proposed Draft Budget include:

$168.3 Capital Works Budget
$423 million to deliver services
$32.3 million to upgrade and maintain our road network
$65.6 million for recreational, leisure and community facilities
$19.8 million for parks, open spaces and streetscapes
$1.45 million for Community Grants – a 38% increase
$13 million for the Regional Football Facility in Tarneit
$10 million for the RDF Waste Processing and Baling Facility
$6.1 million for the Alfred Road Master Plan
$14.7 million on Maternal and Child Health and Immunisation
$4.1 million for the Coastal and Marine Plan
$18.7 million for Kindergarten and Children Centre Services
$5.2 million for Active Transport
$10.3 million to operate our Libraries, including $1.3 million on new books

Wyndham Mayor Cr Peter Maynard said: “This is a budget that is focussed on building a better Wyndham, a more liveable city.

Improving City pride is a key focus for this Council term. We want to reduce litter, improve our parks and streetscapes and make our residents proud to live in Wyndham.”

“We’ll also be ramping up our fight against litter and dumped rubbish. Special ‘Litter Blitzes’ will be held across the municipality.

Each year, Wyndham City spends about $2 million and countless hours collecting dumped rubbish and litter, including furniture, mattresses, household waste and building materials.

Litter Blitzes will be held twice a month targeting hotspots and selected locations based on intelligence and reports from residents.

At the same time, we are committed to delivering key services to our residents. That’s why we are spending $423 million to deliver programs and services that our residents need.

“We’ve listened to our residents and come up with a Draft Budget that includes the important items they requested.”

“This proposed Draft Budget includes grants funding of $1.45 million – a new record.

The extra funding puts more money in the hands of community groups and organisations to run programs and events that make a difference locally.

This proposed Draft Budget is also a sound financial budget that prepares us for the future.

The proposed Draft Budget focuses on three key themes: Caring for our Community,Reconnecting Communities and Preparing for the Future.

The Draft Budget is now open for community feedback, via https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/202223-budget-we-want-hear-you