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Businesses Still Waiting for Council to Act on Outdoor Dining.

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While Hobsons Bay residents sip on their lattés and enjoy outdoor dining in open spaces, Wyndham City Council is still organising outdoor eating solutions, only just beginning the consultation process in September.

Hobsons Bay Council are already in action mode.

Council recently announced the ‘West End Experience’ which provides only a temporary solution and occupies just one business end of Watton Street.

The West End Experience is set to be a series of one-day pilot activations.

Under the council’s plan they would have a series of one-day pilot activations where the shared space is created and then de-installed at the end of the day, with the potential to build to a multi-day experience.

One business owner said that it is not enough to just set up for a day as they need space now and something that is more permanent that will give confidence to both business owners and residents.

Some businesses are missing out on the West End Experience

Coffey on Watton café owner Carolyn Matkovic said she hopes that the plan extends to other businesses along Watton Street but the ‘West End Experience’ is only planned to go between Bridge Hotel and Wedge Street Piazza and doesn’t include her business, or other businesses along Watton Street.

Some residents are left wondering why it’s taking so long for their outdoor dining experience when other councils like Hobsons Bay are already up and running.