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Busted : Anabolic Steroids Lab in Hoppers Crossing

Steroid lab in Hoppers Crossing

Stock image: Clandestine lab


VIPER Taskforce Busts Covert Anabolic Steroids Lab in Hoppers Crossing, Unveils Trafficking Scheme via Domestic Mail

Today 27th of May, officers belonging to the VIPER Taskforce apprehended a male individual in Hoppers Crossing and discovered a covert laboratory at a residence. This operation was part of an ongoing investigation into the trafficking of drugs via domestic mail.

In the morning, a 46-year-old man from Hoppers Crossing was arrested, and a search warrant was subsequently executed at an address on Marlborough Crescent. During the search, law enforcement officers uncovered vials containing a liquid suspected to be steroids, along with various unidentified liquids. Additionally, they found significant quantities of powders believed to be used in the production of steroids, as well as drug-related paraphernalia like packaging, bottles, labels, and a labelling machine.

Following this discovery, detectives from the Clandestine Laboratory Squad were called to the scene to perform necessary inspections and ensure the safety of the property. Subsequently, the arrested individual was interviewed by the police and now faces multiple charges. These include trafficking a commercial quantity of anabolic steroids, trafficking anabolic steroids, possession of substances and equipment for drug trafficking, and possession of a prohibited weapon (an extendable baton) without an exemption.

The man has been remanded in custody and is scheduled to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on May 19. The investigation began the previous month after law enforcement intercepted several suspicious packages as part of an operation targeting the distribution of drugs through domestic mail.

The VIPER Taskforce, established in July 2022, is a specialized tactical and investigative unit operating within Crime Command. It is dedicated to preventing, detecting, deterring, disrupting, and dismantling criminal activities carried out by groups like outlaw motorcycle gangs, organized crime networks, and street gangs. The taskforce provides additional investigative strategies and enforcement measures to support the work of specialist investigation units and regional police.

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