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Candidates Explain Public Gathering.

Jamie gathering feature image

Some Wyndham candidates from Iramoo ward recently posted pictures on social media posing with and speaking to residents.

Residents of Oaktree Avenue and Elm Court in Wyndham Vale are opposed to a footpath planned for the area saying that there has not been proper community consultation.

Wyndham TV spoke to both Kodei Mulcahy and Jamie Scicluna who appear in the photos with the large gatherings.

Candidate Jamie Scicluna said that “he was invited by one resident to look at the street and he met that person and while he was talking to him a number of people rocked up.” Jamie also said that he had called the DHHS and they told him there was no breach.

Jamie has previously outed himself on social media when he shared photos of himself at a beach 15km from home.

Kodei Mulcahy said “the gathering was a total of 9 people those residents were 100’s of metres from there homes we all had masks on and were maintaining social distancing.” He also stated that he had called the DHHS who said it was ok.

Kodei Mulcahy speaks to a group of residents

Other candidates mentioned in the social media post did not attend at the time including Donna Wyatt who said that she is very mindful of Covid and that she lives only 500m from the street she visited at a separate time to look at the area and spoke briefly to residents but does not do gatherings.

Current safe campaigning guidelines published by the Victorian Government state that Public gatherings are restricted. You must not arrange to meet or organise a gathering of more than one other person for a common purpose at a public place.