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Car and Trailer Crash Sparks Airwing Search in Point Cook

Car vs Trailer Point Cook

This morning at 3.15am, a car crashed into a loaded trailer on Seychelles Street in Point Cook, startling nearby residents awake.

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According to a resident who heard the car speeding and a loud crash, the car was travelling at an excessive speed when it collided with the trailer.

A neighbour saw two men running from the car through a yard and police were called immediately.

The Victoria Police Airwing and ground units were deployed to find the two men responsible for the crash.

A man aged 31 from Werribee South, who is thought to have been the driver, was apprehended and arrested near the scene.

The crash caused significant damage to the car and the trailer was spun around leaving debris scattered in the street. The exact cause of the crash is still unknown but police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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