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Car Smashes into Graves at Werribee Cemetery

Car hits graves Werribee

24-Year-Old Driver's Seizure Incident Results in Damaged Headstones and Car

In a startling incident today at Werribee Cemetery on Cemetery Road, a silver Ford sedan caused a disruption straight after a funeral service.

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At around 1 pm, the 24-year-old male driver experienced a seizure while attempting to reverse the vehicle. As a result, the car collided with a pole and accidentally traversed over a couple of graves, causing damage to headstones and the car itself.

Werribee Cemetery crash

Promptly responding to the scene, the police and ambulance services arrived and swiftly attended to the driver. The driver was then taken to the hospital for further medical assessment and treatment.

Car hits graves at Werribee

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported among the attendees of the cemetery. 

Not the first time strange things have happened at the Werribee Cemetery.

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