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Cars Stolen at Knifepoint in Werribee

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Frightened Werribee man, Ravi, has told of how he had his car stolen at knifepoint while driving with a friend.

Ravi had just purchased a black Mazda 6 on Friday 26th of March after saving for some time and decided to go for a drive with his friend at around 11.00 pm on Sunday night (28th March). 

Ravi had just purchased his car on Friday.

While travelling around they ended up driving along Black Forest road, Werribee, around 11.15 pm and stopped at a red light near Haines Drive where they were allegedly approached by two men wearing masks and carrying a large knife believed to be a machete.

It is alleged that one of the men opened the driver’s side door and held the knife to the driver’s neck and asked the terrified occupants to get out of the car, which they did.

The car was found just hours later in Truganina.

The thieves then took off down Haines Drive, Wyndham Vale, and the owner of the car called the police who arrived within ten minutes but the car was gone.

The car was located a few hours later in Efficient Drive, Truganina, badly damaged and Ravi’s financial cards were found in Wyndham Park and handed in to Werribee police.

Ravi says that he has lived in Werribee for four years and has never had any problems, he has been scarred by the ordeal and from now on he will always lock his car doors and advises everyone to do the same.

Between 12.20am and 1am police have been told that at least three vehicles were approached at the intersection of Blackforest Road and McGrath Road.

A red SUV stopped with offenders exiting this vehicle and approaching the victim with a machete before stealing his silver Kia. The stolen vehicle was later located in Blackforest Road Wyndham Vale.

Police are appealing for any witnesses for both of these incidents.