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Chaos at The Grange: Schoolyard Brawl Leaves Two Injured

Fight at the Grange College

Six students embroiled in violent clash at The Grange P-12 College, prompting police investigation and community concern.

Police are currently investigating an affray that took place at a school on Deloraine Drive in Hoppers Crossing on Tuesday, 30 April. Reports indicate that a confrontation erupted among six teenagers, aged between 14 and 16, around midday. The altercation resulted in injuries to two boys.

The students involved are all from the same school. The Grange P-12 College Principal, David Smillie, addressed parents stating, “It is regrettable to report a violent incident during today’s recess. The altercation involved some recently enrolled students, not outsiders. While our school generally maintains a safe environment, this is the first major incident of its nature. Rest assured, police are on the case, and we have arranged for Department of Education security to be present throughout the week.”

Principal Smillie emphasized the school’s zero-tolerance policy towards violence, suggesting the fight was linked to broader community issues that spilled into the school environment. He added, “The incident left many students shocked, as they are not used to such disruptions. We are committed to supporting affected students through our Wellbeing staff. Parents seeking additional support for their children are encouraged to reach out to their Sub School Assistant Principal.”

The police continue their investigation and are calling on anyone with information about the incident to contact Crime Stoppers.

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