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Charge Your Electric Vehicle with Ease in Wyndham’s New Charging Locations

Electric chargers in Wyndham

Wyndham City Introduces Convenient EV Charging Stations for Greener Travel

Wyndham City is embracing greener transportation options with the introduction of three operational Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. These charging stations, located across the Wyndham area, include two advanced 50kW rapid chargers situated at the rear car park of the Civic Centre in Werribee. These chargers are open to both the general public and Council staff, providing a convenient and accessible solution for charging electric vehicles.

The standout feature of these chargers is their ability to simultaneously accommodate up to four vehicles, delivering a full charge within a two-hour window. This results in an impressive driving range of up to 450km.

Wyndham City’s Smart Cities portfolio holder Cr Sahana Ramesh said that by providing these EV chargers, Council was supporting the uptake of electric vehicles and the transition to a zero-emission transport sector.

Adding to the city’s commitment to eco-friendly mobility, an additional trio of charging stations can be found at the heart of Werribee’s city centre, located on the ground floor of the Hunter Building at 22 Synnot Street. Complimentary parking for the initial three hours is available to users of these chargers. Operating at 22kW, the chargers in the Hunter Building offer an average driving range of 130km per hour of charge. Meanwhile, a fast charger at the Bembit Bag-rook Community Centre in Tarneit boasts the capacity to deliver an impressive 400km of driving range per hour of charge.

Electric charging station wyndham
“We’re preparing for a wave of change” – Cr. Ramesh

The establishment of these charging stations is a collaborative effort with the Victorian Government’s Destination Charging Across Victoria Program, aimed at promoting the wider adoption of electric vehicles.

Wyndham City’s dedication to sustainable mobility is reflected in these EV charging stations, signalling its support for the transition to electric vehicles and a transportation sector that prioritizes emission reduction. The initiative also addresses the scarcity of public charging stations in the western region of Melbourne.

The availability of EV chargers aligns with Wyndham City’s forward-looking approach, anticipating the global shift towards sustainable transportation powered by renewable energy sources.

For more information, visit: [https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/evchargingstations]

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