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Childcare Centres Grapple with Controversy Over Display of Political Posters

yes posters at early learning centre

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Childcare Centres: No Place for Promoting Divisive Agenda, Says Opposition

In a recent development, childcare centres and preschools have come under scrutiny for potentially promoting political agendas rather than focusing on education. The debate has intensified as parents raise concerns about the inappropriate display of political posters in these learning environments. The issue has gained national attention after a Perth couple withdrew their four-year-old son from a Goodstart Early Learning Centre, citing their discomfort with the centre’s display of “Yes” posters and concerns about the content of videos related to colonization.


The Opposition has taken a strong stance against political activism and ideological agendas being pushed onto children in educational settings. They argue that such practices undermine parental authority and compromise a child’s learning and development.

The controversy centres on Goodstart Early Learning, one of Australia’s largest childcare providers, which operates with substantial subsidies from Australian taxpayers. The company’s corporate stance on the Voice and its decision to display “Yes” posters in its early learning centres have raised eyebrows among parents and critics alike.

Victorian Shadow Minister for Education Sarah Henderson expressed concern, stating, “Like classrooms, childcare centres and preschools should be places for education, not indoctrination. It is inappropriate for companies like Goodstart Early Learning to engage in political activism within these environments, as it can potentially confuse young children, which is not in their best interests. I believe the company should do the right thing and remove this material.”

The issue at hand raises questions about the responsibility of childcare centres and preschools to remain politically neutral and focus solely on early childhood education. The Opposition argues that educators should refrain from imposing their personal political agendas on impressionable young minds.

This incident highlights the broader debate about the role of political activism in educational settings, with the Opposition determined to address concerns that such activities undermine the trust of parents and hinder a child’s educational journey.

As the controversy surrounding Goodstart Early Learning continues to make headlines, it remains to be seen whether the company will heed the calls to remove the “Yes” posters and prioritize its primary mission of providing quality early childhood education.

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