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Chopper Pursuit from Melton to Hoppers Crossing.

Police Airwing

Police in the Melton area made a significant observation on Tuesday, May 23, when they spotted an allegedly stolen car.

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The subsequent tactical pursuit, closely monitored by the Air Wing, took place across various areas of Hoppers Crossing and Werribee. Parents and children, gathered for school pick-ups, watched in curiosity as the low-hovering police helicopter circled above, wondering about the unfolding situation.

After a period of passive pursuit, the stolen car eventually pulled into a shopping centre car park off Heaths Road in Hoppers Crossing. At approximately 3.20pm, the male driver and a female passenger were swiftly apprehended by law enforcement.

SS commodore aprehended

An officer at the scene revealed that the driver had a history of car thefts, indicating prior involvement in similar criminal activities. The stolen vehicle, a Holden Commodore SS, displayed Queensland number plates registered to a 2021 MG Hatchback. Notably, the passenger side back window was found to be taped up, potentially an attempt to conceal a previously damaged window.

SS commodore stolen

The successful conclusion of the incident was met with no reported injuries during the operation. The collaborative efforts between the Air Wing and ground units ensured the safe arrest of the suspects. 

The investigation is ongoing as officers gather additional evidence to support the charges against the arrested individuals. 

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