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Citizenship Milestone: 10,000 Individuals Embrace Australian Identity in Wyndham

Australian Citizenship Wyndham

Wyndham City Celebrates Record-Breaking Year, Granting Australian Citizenship to Thousands.

In a momentous occasion for Wyndham City, a significant milestone has been reached this year as the municipality proudly welcomes a remarkable influx of newly minted Australian citizens.

The distinguished 10,000th Australian citizenship was granted during an official Citizenship Ceremony held at the esteemed Encore Events Centre on the 24th of August. The event marked a pivotal point in the city’s history, underlining the deepening cultural integration and shared values of its diverse populace.

In commemoration of this achievement, a specially crafted citizenship cake took centre stage, symbolizing unity and the fulfilment of dreams. The day itself saw the culmination of two grand citizenship ceremonies, with the afternoon session notably designating the 10,000th individual to be bestowed with Australian citizenship.

The surge in newly naturalized citizens this year can be attributed to Wyndham City’s proactive approach in handling the backlog of applicants, which had amassed due to persistent Covid-related restrictions over the preceding years.

Wyndham Citizenship
Image: Wyndham City Mayor Cr. Susan McIntyre welcomes in a new Australian family.

This ambitious endeavour to clear the long-standing backlog and streamline the citizenship process has yielded impressive results, effectively alleviating the waiting list for Wyndham residents aspiring to formally embrace their Australian identity.

Since the start of the year, Wyndham City has orchestrated an impressive total of 43 Citizenship Ceremonies, including four extraordinary ‘Super Ceremony Days,’ each accommodating up to 500 residents seeking to solidify their allegiance to their adopted homeland.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, expressed the municipality’s dedication to addressing the citizenship concerns of its community. As of the conclusion of 2022, the waiting list had surpassed 5,000 residents, all eager for their citizenship conferrals.

“We understand how important citizenship is to our community and we recognised that the wait time was a significant issue. So we responded to that need to ensure that citizenship ceremonies happen promptly,” Mayor McIntyre remarked.

“Council has delivered 43 ceremonies, this year with a record number of Wyndham residents conferred as Australian Citizens. We are thrilled with this outcome and welcome our new Australian Citizens to Wyndham.”

The extensive efforts have seen the utilization of three distinct Council venues, namely the Wyndham Civic Centre, Encore Events Centre, and the Wyndham Cultural Centre, each playing host to these transformative events.

To accommodate the diverse schedules of applicants, ceremonies have been thoughtfully scheduled to take place on both weekdays and weekends, ensuring maximum accessibility for all involved.

For those seeking additional information about these citizenship ceremonies and related matters, detailed resources can be found at the official Wyndham City website: [https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/about-council/your-council/australian-citizenship-ceremonies](https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/about-council/your-council/australian-citizenship-ceremonies)

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