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Community Divided Over ‘Colourful’ New Werribee Mural.

Laneway art

Wyndham City Council recently commissioned Carlton-based artist David Lee Pereira to paint a large mural in the laneway between Station Place and Comben Drive in Werribee.

The project has taken six weeks so far and the work entitled “Gender Euphoria” is said to explore themes of Wyndham’s diverse and culturally rich community. Now near completion,  the ‘colourful’ mural has the community divided on whether it is appropriate or not.

Council stated while works were being completed on the piece that the flowers, plants and insects represent sexuality, gender and LGBTQI discourse, particularly trans and intersex acceptance.

Some locals took to social media with different reactions. Here are some of the comments:

“Open minded but really i dont think its appropriate. Look at silo art amazing. I dont see any representation of the community. Unless your calling your people in the surburb something.”

Another said, “Where is this beautiful artwork located?”

While others wondered how much was spent on the artwork.

What will you see when you walk into this dense forest jungle is the question that was asked by council on their facebook page.