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Conserving Some of Wyndham’s History.

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A conservation project is underway at the former Doherty’s Road Homestead Complex, also known as Doherty House. Built in 1877, the site was bought by William Doherty, who was a Councilor at that time.  

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Located at 1 Sapling Boulevard, Tarneit, the site is listed in the Wyndham Planning Scheme and includes the house, stone walls, and the immediate surroundings. There is also evidence of a brick well close to the house.

Dohertys house in its former glory. [Image courtesy of Bill Bartels]

Although it is a well-built two-storey structure of architectural interest for its size and quality, this house is of greater significance because it is built with bluestone, a local building material that was more widely available during the early days of Wyndham’s development.

Overhead view shows the internal walls as well as the layout of the former house.

While now ruinous, the bluestone house tells the story of early pastoral and farming practices in the Tarneit area, and is of historical importance for its association with William Doherty, a well-known and long-serving citizen of the Shire of Wyndham.

Bill Bartel who supplied the historical photos for us advised that his grandfather, Louis Valentine ‘Paul’ Didier and family lived in the house at the time of the photos.

Dohertys house had the second storey removed later after it had became unstable. [Image courtesy Bill Bartels]

It is one of the largest bluestone ruins in the municipality and provides evidence of the intensity of farming on the flat Truganina plains, as well as its associations with several prominent local families.

During the conservation works, sections of slightly unstable walls will be carefully dismantled and rebuilt, and engineering interventions will be used to stabilize leaning chimneys and walls.

To maintain its beauty, the remnant house will have elements of bluestone cleaned, relined, and repointed.

As a result of these repairs, the house will reverse its recent deterioration and provide greater protection for its remaining elements, resulting in a positive heritage outcome.

Through these works, ongoing environmental damage that has led to its degradation will be prevented.

Historical Images: © Bill Bartel

Recent Images: © Wyndham TV Pty Ltd