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Controversial Development Plan Along Point Cook Road Approved Amid Resident Concerns

Development at 359 Point Cook Road

Mixed Response from Locals as Council Gives Nod to Intensive Development Proposal

The Wyndham City Council recently approved an application for the preparation of a Development Plan at 359 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, despite a myriad of concerns voiced by local residents. The approval comes as a decision that has split the community.

The Development Plan was mandated by the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 11, which applied to the site in question. Its purpose was to provide strategic guidance on how the existing land would be developed for more intensive use or development. In this case, the approved plan outlines a residential subdivision, complete with a layout for a future road network and future lots designated for standard residential density.

However, these plans have raised a multitude of concerns among residents. They find it unacceptable to allow all the proposed 50 new houses, part of the new development, and the entire Address and Saltwater Estate, to enter and exit onto Point Cook Road via Gramercy Blvd and Flagstaff Crescent without a traffic signal. Residents contend that this arrangement may lead to further delays in accessing the Point Cook arterial road network and create safety issues due to existing traffic concerns.

359 Point Cook Road
The House currently at the site will be demolished.

Another point of contention for residents is the extension of Carmen Road into the new development. This is expected to bring even more traffic from the entire Address estate into Point Cook Road via Flagstaff Crescent, a move that has drawn strong objections from the community.

While the Council believes that the additional traffic volume generated by the development and road extensions can be effectively managed to ensure safe vehicle access to Point Cook Service Road, these concerns still weigh heavily on the minds of local residents.

The application, which was assessed in accordance with relevant policies and provisions of the Wyndham Planning Scheme, found that the proposed Development Plan aligned with the site’s context regarding road networks and dwelling density.

Outer ring road in west
Residents envisage further traffic woes on Point Cook Road

It’s important to note that not all council members supported the development plan. Councillor Jasmine Hill, who took the time to visit local residents and understand their concerns, voted against it. She acknowledged the issues raised by the community.

Councillor Ramesh, who regularly used the affected roads, proposed an amendment to the motion to include traffic calming measures on the Carmen Road extension, which was passed. Ultimately, the development plan was approved with yes votes from all councillors except for Cr. Hill.

The community’s concerns about traffic volume and safety issues will likely remain at the forefront of discussions as the development plan progresses. The development’s impact on local residents and infrastructure will be closely monitored as it moves forward in the planning process.

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