Coronavirus – Social Isolation Survival Guide

Covid-19 has added a range of new words and phrases to our vocabulary. Social distancing, community spread and super spreader are some of the most common.

Social isolation is another and I can’t help but wonder about how it would look at my home for extended periods of time.

It has led me to formulate a list of the top ten things I think I would need for lengthy social isolation. Let’s imagine that I have all of the basics such as food, cleaning products (for my family and our house) and toilet paper. But, what are the essential non-essential items I will need to get by?

10. Tomato Sauce – I have it on almost everything.

9. Ice Cream – I have it with the only things that I don’t put tomato sauce on.

8. Dips – Important when you are watching anything from the couch.

7. Corn Chips – Essential for using with number 8.

6. Mobile Phone – To take calls for all of the cancelled meetings and get-togethers that keep coming.

5. Measurement Tape – To measure the four square metres that I need to stay away from everyone.

4. Laptop – To be able to make engine searches that can make me an armchair expert.

3. Ingredients for Nachos – There will be left over corn chips from the dips.

2. More casual wear – Who needs formal wear when you work from home?

1. Wyndham TV – How else would anyone keep up with their local news?

How about you? Please feel free to contribute some of your own essential non-essential items to get you through these historically unprecedented times.

I don’t know about you but I’m off to buy sauce, t-shirts and measuring tape.

Author: Ben Hutchings

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